Sunday, May 15, 2011

It Has Frozen Over Folks

Brian found some mice living in his hay out by the horses.

Brian's assistant's cat had kittens.

Assistant asked Brian if he wanted one.

Brian came home from work asking if we could get a cat.

Fact: You know what/where has frozen over because there is no way Brian would ever ask for a cat before that happened.

Other Fact: Karen does not want mice living in her house so she will allow a male outside cat to live in the backyard.

When we went to pick out the cat Tanner looked at Brian dead serious and said, "Dad if we get this kitten NO BAD STUFF TO IT OKAY." Let's just say some of B's past comments have Tanner legitimately concerned.

The kids are thrilled, beyond thrilled.

So far Milo has survived
1. going on the small and medium slide by himself.
2. being dropped at the height of Brielle's arms (several times).
3. Going down the big slide with Tanner (he apparently likes it).
4. Falling down the window well (at least four times I think we have that fixed now).
5. Two attacks by random neighbor dog.
All in one day. Good luck to you Milo you sure are loved!

Such a typical picture. Tanner with his arm on Brielle, Brielle wearing Tanner's jacket, Tanner's butt crack peaking out....I wonder if I will find a way to keep his pants up before he starts school.

This is what chubby little Brett has done during most of the excitement. For some reason sleeping all crunched up like this is so much more comfortable than being snuggled in bed. Oh well I am just glad he will take a nap.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Seven Years

This month Brian and I celebrated our 7th anniversary. I can't believe we have been married that long. We were listing all of the things we have experience in those years. I started with some obvious ones.
Three kids
Three moves
One House
Dental Practice

Then Brian chimed in....
Horse Trailer
Three horses
One dog
One dead elk
I couldn't quit think of anything to go along with this last one on his list. I guess we will see what the next 7 years brings us.

Brett's Blessing

We blessed Brett last Sunday. I was hoping to enjoy some nice weather and good food with our family. We woke up to a snow covered world again that day so we just enjoyed some yummy food and visits with family. Here are some more pictures of the little guy.

I decided to try and make Brett's blessing outfit. (Not the vest we borrowed that from Tanner's blessing outfit.) If you don't look too closely it looks like I did a great job. It turned out fine with a few adjustments but now I know what I am doing if I ever make another one.

Have you ever tried to take a picture of three kids? You get a lot of this.

Tanner and Brett were the most cooperative so I got this nice one of them. I think Brett is starting to look more like Tan Man.

After what seemed like forever, many threats and some bribes this was the best picture I could come up with. Brielle was being such a stinker!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Baby Brett

Here are some pictures of our newest addition. Brett weighed 6 pounds 10 ounces and is 20 inches long. He is just perfect,calm and so, so easy (so far). Tanner pretty much has nothing to do with him, and Brielle keeps close tabs on him (no surprise there). Family and friends have really spoiled us these past couple of days. Thanks to everyone for your help.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Not That Mom

Going through my baby stuff to get ready for this little guy I came across a magazine titled "Games to Play With Your Baby". I feel like I do a very poor job of this with all of my kids so in an effort to change I decided to read it. As I am going through the different games I see some that look nice and then some that I know will never happen. Upon closer reading I read the instructions to "In a high pitched voice say _____ to your baby." This was instructed with several games. Really do I really have to talk even more goofy to my baby than what comes natural? You know we all do it, why I don't know but I think the extra effort is not necessary.

Now my confession, after becoming more educated at what I can do to play with my baby I probably won't change. I probably should. But I just can't see myself putting fun objects and the end of the hall for me and my crawling baby to race to while saying "Stop" and then "Go" down the hall. That is just not me. What I can see is me playing fetch with my kids (when they pretend to be dogs) and throwing the ball they are fetching as far away as possible so it takes longer for them to retrieve. I know I know I am that kind of mom. Maybe the baby will like to play fetch. And maybe my kids will turn out after all because really I am just not that kind of mom.

Finally I think all is ready for this boy he should be here any day now. If only I could get Brian to settle on a name for more than two days at a time we would have him named. Of course if I would just agree to Butch or some such nonsense that would be his name, but again I am just not that kind of mom.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sorensen News

Since it has been forever since my last blog I thought I would give an update of our family. Warning: this could be a long and boring blog.

Old News
Tanner and I went to Disneyland with some friend from here. We had a blast.

This summer we took a family vacation that didn't involve mountains or fishing.
First we hit Yellowstone National Park.

Tanner and Brielle have become the best of friend (and sometimes worst of enemies). On this trip they insisted on sleeping in the same bed every night. It was so cute.

Next we went to Glacier National Park.

We took a little hike to this waterfall. It was so gorgeous. I can't wait to go back when our kids are older so we can do some serious hiking.

Finally, we stayed a night with Grandma GG and Lloyd.

I was terrified of a really long car ride home with two little kids, but they did great. Portable DVD players are the best thing ever.

Newer News
We are finishing up the harvest of our garden. It did really well this year.
This is our freaky carrot and huge potato. We even got a carrot that was the perfect hour glass figure of a woman, which one of us just couldn't get over. Sorry folks I didn't get a picture. I think we also have a two or three year supply of pickles and frozen zucchini.

Finally we are expecting our third little one. I am due in the beginning of March. I have my ultrasound in two weeks. B doesn't want to find out what we are going to have. I am undecided. We will see if he can convince me in the next couple of weeks. I have also just gotten braces (which are still killing me),and am in the middle of filling a long term substitution at the Elementary School. Hopefully that explains a little bit of my blog neglect.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Personal Style

In an effort to get away from the trailer drama I decided to blog about Brielle. I know it is not as entertaining for all of you but she is still a little cutie.

Lately she is working on finding her personal style. Here are some of her favorite looks.

I am responsible for the flower that is as big as her head, but the necklaces and bag are all her doing.

Tanner's Amish hat comes in handy.

Thanks for the dress Becky.

Winter wear is for indoors and out.

Begging to go outside.